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Snowsuit KABOOKI

Snowsuits for children

This is where you find a large and wide selection of wonderful snowsuits for children. A winter coverall is ideal for toddlers as well as older children, and if you choose a quality snowsuit which is waterproof and breathable, you have the gotten your child the best outerwear for the cold seasons. When you choose a LEGO® snowsuit for your child, you are guaranteed an extraordinary durability and a sublime fit which ensures both freedom to move and great comfort. The many snowsuits on this page are insulating and 100 % waterproof so that your son or daughter is kept dry and warm.

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Above you find the largest selection of LEGO Wear snowsuits for children in Scandinavia. Therefore, you can be certain to find a snowsuit for your child. And that very snowsuit will be produced in the best materials. On this page, there will be campaigns from time to time, so maybe you’ll get lucky and find a cheap snowsuit in the well-known high LEGO quality for your boy or girl.

Durable and waterproof snowsuits for boys

It is easy to find a boys’ snowsuit in a high quality in the KABOOKI web shop. We sell LEGO snowsuits for boys, and all our snowsuits are warm and made in a high quality. Dive into the large selection of waterproof snowsuits and find the ideal one for your son, nephew, or grandson. Boys who go to a nursery will indeed benefit from a snowsuit which offers plenty of freedom to move around and is breathable at the same time. A durable fabric is very important to if the boy loves sliding down hills and climbing trees.

Waterproof and durable snowsuits for girls

In the KABOOKI web shop, you will find a large selection of quality snow suits for girls. Our LEGO snowsuits are known for their great quality and also the cute and fun designs which your girl will love. We have snowsuits in any colour of the rainbow and in a variety of styles, and therefor we can promise you, that there is a lovely girls’ snowsuit for your daughter, niece, or grandchild. Below, you can read more about what to consider when you are off to buy snowsuits for your children.

Good to know when choosing a snowsuit

When you need to find the perfect snowsuit for your child, you have to look out for its functions. If your child is very active outside in the winter half year, a breathable snowsuit is key. When you choose a snowsuit from LEGO® Wear, you are making a sensible choice, since all models have a high level of breathability.

At the same time, you have to pay attention to durability. There are different levels of durability – which is measured in rubs – and if your child spends a lot of his day outdoors, a very durable snowsuit is crucial. You should aim for a snowsuit with 80.000 to 100.000 rubs. They will last all season and might even be passed on to their little brother or baby sister.

A waterproof snowsuit is the only right thing. It makes all the difference when the kids are playing outside in the snow, rain, or sleet. With a waterproof snowsuit, your child can play outside for hours in the autumn, winter and early spring – without getting wet or cold. The snow suits in the KABOOKI web shop have different levels of water column, as children have individual needs and act differently outdoors. Most of the coveralls in this web shop have 12.000-15.000 mm water columns and taped seams for them to be 100% waterproof.

Do you need help?

The KABOOKI customer service is ready to help if you any questions regarding products, delivery times, and the like. Send us an email on and we will try to get back to you within 1-2 workdays. Or call us on +45 96 27 55 22 on all workdays from 8:30 to 15. Our skilled customer service people will be ready to help you with your questions.