CSR and our promises

Kids promises

We make clothes for everyday wear and tear. We know that children have opinions on what they want to wear and what they don’t want to wear – both when it comes to design and comfort.

By using only comfortable materials and working with engineered fittings and cuts, we make sure that everything is constructed so that kids can play and feel 100% free.


Safety and protection promises

A set of safety principles is a natural part of the design, construction and buying process in order to make sure that our clothes are 100% safe for the children to wear.

You can be sure that no harmful chemicals are being used in any of our products and of course we also comply with global regulatory requirements and all possible children safety regulations.


Supplier promises

Our suppliers are primarily based in China, and we have built long-term relationships with them, making sure they completely understand our products.

Our suppliers are carefully selected and must meet our strict social and quality requirements. We have established three offices in China and India and have invested in our own laboratory where we test our products and fabrics on a daily basis. Every shipment is quality checked by our team before being shipped from the factory.


Planet promises

Sustainability is in our DNA, and it has always been our focus in everything we do. As an example, we constantly source new types of qualities that are even more planet-friendly than conventional materials and integrate these into our design whenever possible.

Our way of fighting against the fast fashion and the ‘throw-away culture’ is by doing what we have always done – making premium kidswear in premium qualities, made for everyday wear and tear. This means that our clothes can be used by more than just one child. We often hear lovely stories about how a snowsuit or jacket has been inherited by several siblings – even though it has endured weekly washes and tumble drying for many years. 


Certificate promises

We are a member of the AMFORI BSCI. We work with BSCI to ensure our suppliers work with integrity and are socially and environmentally responsible. Through annual audits, we ensure that workers are paid a fair wage and employed under safe conditions.

The producers of the fabrics used in our clothing must be Oeko-Tex 100 certified. This means they must meet strict global chemical requirements. No harmful or banned substances will be used in our products. We carry out extensive tests, and our products are tested exclusively in ISO17025 accredited laboratories to ensure they comply with global safety and chemical regulations.


Social promises

We take social responsibility very seriously, and in collaboration with our local municipality, we invest in getting physically or mentally challenged citizens back on the labour market through customised individual work plans. We make sure that they get a good and secure introduction to the job and build up the process step by step. We also employ trainees who have a desire to change track in life and get re-trained for a new job. Finally, we support the project ‘Learn Danish’ that seeks to integrate refugees into Danish Society.

We support various organisations and charity projects which go hand in hand with our core values. Since KIDS are our focus, the following projects were perfect for us to support:

  • check The Mary Foundation
  • check Specsavers and KABOOKI – donating glasses and clothes to kids in need in Tanzania
  • check Børneulykkesfonden and KABOOKI – donating clothes to schools in Tanzania
  • check Børnecancerfonden – an Officefit and TEAM Rynkeby project
  • check Smilfonden – supporting chronically ill children across diagnoses