LEGO® kidswear is everyday clothes and outerwear for active children who love playing inside and outside – regardless of the weather. We focus on a fun design, high quality, function, and plenty of freedom to move. Get inspired by the looks on this place and go find new favourite items for your child’s wardrobe.



At Danish KABOOKI A/S, we have close to 30 years of experience in designing durable children’s wear under license from the LEGO Group. You might know our clothes as LEGO® Wear, but in 2022 we decided to simply call it LEGO kidswear. In that connection, we moved the LEGO Wear webshop to this site to gather all our brands under one umbrella.

We make clothes that encourage children to be children. Through play and creativity the child develops and learns, and that is really all we want for them. 

We go the extra mile in everything we do to ensure perfect circumstances for play. LEGO kidswear is designed and built to be sturdy and to last during hardcore play. The clothes are meant to be worn and put through the wringer. Our materials accommodate a child’s perspiration, his penchant for mud and grease and grasshoppers and brownie batter. Our clothes can take the beating of 10 summersaults in the mud and can be washed over and over again without loosing shape and colour.  We shape garments to accommodate a child’s mobility.

We design, produce and test to ensure quality that is unparalleled and with designs so playful that they inspire children’s imagination, whether they are fans of the LEGO® Batman™ or LEGO® NINJAGO® series.
We are trusted by the mothers for our quality and CSR initiatives and we are loved by kids, because we not only inspire them to be kids – we encourage it!


Fun and playful learning

LEGO kidswear means fun clothes. The designs and the choice of colours are catchy and appealing. The graphic features and images are naturally found in the LEGO toy universe. Powerful colours and fashionable styling – that’s LEGO kidswear by KABOOKI.

Made to fit

Dressing and undressing is made easy with LEGO kidswear by KABOOKI. Children at different ages master different things. In LEGO kidswear you will find age specific features, zipper pullers, easy to handle buttons, snap buttons, wide neck openings etc. We call it playful learning. Most of the LEGO products motivate and stimulate your child in the “I can do it myself” process, and of course the LEGO kidswear does as well.

Made to withstand playing

When we say outstanding quality, we mean quality to the very last detail – from raw material to buttons and zippers. LEGO clothes will withstand play, daily use and several rounds in the washing machine.

Age criteria determine the choice of material; super soft qualities for toddlers and long-lasting denim for children who loves to play – that’s how we integrate quality into every single LEGO kidswear product.

Set your child free

Clothes should always be great to wear, in particular for children who play, explore and experience. KABOOKI offers a complete collection of LEGO kidswear that will allow your child freedom of movement.

A safe choice

LEGO kidswear by KABOOKI

is the safe choice for children at all ages and their families. All products are as a minimum manufactured according to prevailing safety regulations and EU chemical legislation (REACH).

When it comes to safety our target is to be one step ahead, and in all LEGO kidswear products we think safety first of all.

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