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Playground and excursion

Here you can find kids wear suitable for the playground and fun excursions. Wearing the functional and durable clothes our LEGO® kidswear collection, the kids are able to play outside all day long without getting cold or wet.

Waterproofness and breathability are in focus in these styles, hence muddy puddles do not have to be avoided, but are a place for games and excitement. When the children are focused on playing, clothes tend to get dirty, which is another non-problem with the LEGO outerwear that washes and dries easily without getting out of shape or fading.

Getting ready for day care

LEGO kidswear is perfect for day care, when the small child is developing his motor skills and is getting more aware of his body. In the LEGO DUPLO coveralls, the zipper on the front is extra long. This eases the process of getting a toddler in and out of the coverall, and it also helps your child practice getting dressed by himself. Discovering new skills gives him confidence, and your toddler will feel like the king of the World when he has crawled into the coverall himself.

The older children in day care are exploring and testing the world for real, and the child’s motor skills and courage is developing day by day. Here it is of essence that your child has outerwear that can stand contests in puddle jumping and hours on their knees in the sandbox, while sandcastles and other fanciful creations are being built.

Huge selection in high quality

Choose between the many comfortable jackets, softshell jackets, pants, rain wear, waterproof gloves and warming hats. Don’t forget the TEC products: a functional and hard-wearing technical outerwear collection with freedom to move as a core value – all styles are windproof with taped seems to stay waterproof as well.

These items are ideal for the playground and the excursion, and you will find that your child is not being held back in his play because of tight outerwear, but he can climb as high into the tree or climbing frame as he – or you – dare.

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