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Rainy days

In Denmark, most of us were brought up with the sentence: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only wrong choice of clothing”. And it does have a lot of truth to it. Being dressed in high-quality rainwear, puddles and mud is simply an additional gift on the playground or on the way to school. Your child will find pure joy in jumping as high and long time in the puddles, as she pleases, and as a parent you do not have to worry about your child getting cold or wet, if the clothes underneath should get soaked.

The LEGO® rainwear does keep the rain out. All seems are welded on the inside making the rainwear completely waterproof – and it is windproof too. These are some of the reasons why our hard-wearing rainwear is the perfect pick on rainy and windy days, because then the weather is no hindrance to getting outdoors and use some energy.

Waterproof rainwear

You will find both rain jackets and rain pants in classic colors, and we of course also have a selection of the well-known striped rain jackets, in which your child can easily be spotted on the playground or in the schoolyard.

We have made an effort to choose colors in shades that go nicely together, so you can pick out rain jacket and pants for your very child. We call that mix and match, and having the liberty to pick jacket and pants separately can feel good compared to buying a set predetermined by others.

A host of practical details

For the smaller children, we have rain overalls in the LEGO DUPLO collection to avoid that nasty crack between rain jacket and -pants when your toddler is out on adventures. In size 104 and up the flexible rain pants are made with a soft elastic waist, and there are styles with and without foot straps in our collection, ensuring that you can find those items matching your child’s needs.

Safety, however, is never optional, and we have equipped all styles with reflectors for optimum visibility, and all jackets come with detachable hoods mounted with push buttons or a push button band. If the hood is stuck, it comes off, and your child is on the loose again without getting hurt. So, choosing LEGO rainwear is not a difficult choice, because you can do so knowing that you are getting a first-class product that refuses to compromise.

Do you know the TEC products?

The TEC outerwear is a decent alternative to rainwear on the wet days, as coveralls, jackets and pants in TEC standard have the same qualities as our rainwear: They are 100 % windproof, and the taped inner seams ensure that the clothes stay waterproof at up to 8,000 mm water pressure in most styles.

Maybe you have a toddler, for whom a coverall is a better choice on the playground? In that case, you can find several cute designs in a breathable and durable softshell material, that keeps your child warm and dry when playing outdoors.

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