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Ski & snow

Children love snow. It is as simple as that. Watching snowflakes fall from the sky is pure magic, and they feel a strong urge to run outside and romp in all the whiteness that is turning the surroundings into a winter wonderland.

On skiing vacation, snow is a part of the deal, and then it is crucial to have the best ski clothes, so that your son or daughter can play outside for as long as possible without getting cold, wet fingers or getting cold to the bone. With the LEGO® kidswear products, you will find everything in clothing for your skiing vacation; hats, gloves, mittens, ski underwear, ski pants, ski jackets and snowsuits – when the outfit is in place, you can expect a great skiing vacation with smiles one everyone’s faces, tired legs at night and a new chapter in your family’s history book.

Designed for the active child

As a parent, you can be certain that you are picking some of the top-notch ski clothes on the market, when you choose LEGO kidswear. We emphasize the importance of functionality and safety in our designs, and we have outerwear for both the fans of the classic Nordic look and of the bright and fun colors. And then there is something for those in-between, thus you will always be able to find something for exactly your child.

Regardless of expression, our styles are high-quality, as they are made of durable, waterproof and breathable materials, and we are always focusing on freedom to move and safety – the latter through reflectors and a removable hood mounted with push buttons, among other things.

Different types of ski wear

The child’s age and personality taken into consideration, there are advantages to a snowsuit or to a two-piece set of ski wear. For the toddler, we clearly recommend a snowsuit, while the bigger children might find a set consisting of ski pants and -jacket more suitable. Common to the LEGO ski wear range is that the clothes are made for skiing.

On many of our styles you will find snow skirt inside the jackets and pants legs, pocket for lift pass on the sleeves, pocket for mobile phone inside the jackets, and storm cuffs, so that the ride down the slopes becomes as fun as possible. Our accessories are of the same high and hard-wearing quality with comfort as a keyword too, and we suggest that you simply sit down with your child and browse through our ski wear collection to find just the right outfit that is going to make your skiing vacation even greater.

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