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    Underwear for children

    On this page you find a grand selection of LEGO® Wear underwear for children. You will find ski underwear, underpants, panties, boxer shorts, vests and undershirts plus underwear sets. In this category we have underwear for boys and girls. We have a wide range of underwear, both in design and in color.

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    In this category we have compiled all of our high-quality children’s underwear. There are many different types and designs, and surely some of them will be to your taste. The entire collection of underwear for boys and girls is inspired by the rapidly growing, exciting, and playful LEGO universe.

    We offer many different designs in this category so you and your child can sit down and find something smart. And even though the underwear is smart and fun, we are not compromising with comfort, as underwear is worn as the inner layer around the clock. We have chosen to make the underwear with wide and soft elastic bands at the waste and with printed labels so that nothing will be chafing your child’s skin. LEGO Wear is quality-conscious, and you are buying a durable product, also when it comes to children’s underwear.

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