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Brands and themes

In the KABOOKI webshop, we have divided our styles into various brands and themes. Most of the styles come from our LEGO® kidswear collection, since these collections are very large and offer great variety. There should be something to every child’s liking, and here, the kids can choose from many of their favourite themes. Above, you will find LEGO® DUPLO®, LEGO® NINJAGO®, LEGO® Batman™, iconic LEGO® styles, LEGO® Harry Potter™, and of course our own KABOOKI clothing brand.

Read more about the LEGO® brands

When you click the subpages in the menu, you will find more information about the LEGO themes, and also for instance all the LEGO NINJAGO T-shirts for children or LEGO Batman™ sweatshirts. If your son or daughter are fans of specific LEGO themes or universes, they will love getting themed sweatshirts, socks, T-shirts, or swimwear. In the KABOOKI webshop, you can find a large and very wide selection of LEGO clothes for children, and definitely also something to your liking.

Basic KABOOKI clothes for tweens and teens

The KABOOKI clothes are available in size 5 to 16 years. The clothes are designed in calm colours and with a focus on the minimalistic design, so that it can fit to most of the styles already in the children’s closets.

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