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    LEGO® clothes for active children

    On this page, you will find all LEGO® styles for children in the age of 1-14 years. Naturally, the LEGO® clothing has its inspiration in the grand, fantastic, and fanciful LEGO universe – which shows in print, colour choices, and details. The focal points of the LEGO collections are to provide plenty of freedom to move for the children, and that the clothes must be durable and functional. The clothes are to support the active play and encourage creativeness in children. Danish KABOOKI is the company behind the design and production of all LEGO styles in this web shop.

    Durable quality clothes for children

    For generations, the LEGO brand has been synonymous with quality - quality in toys for children and other young souls. Of course, this quality has been copied into the LEGO children's clothes in the KABOOKI web shop. Children are hard on their clothes, and that's the way it should be. Therefore, focus is on quality in the collection yet still paying close attention to comfort. LEGO represents a universe, which is known and loved throughout the world, and the clothes have images and graphics that are easily identified from the child's play situations. Among the LEGO clothes for boys and girls, you will always find the most beloved LEGO characters, encouraging children to play.

    LEGO clothing for boys

    The LEGO NINJAGO ninjas are a huge hit with boys in particular, and for the little fans of this universe it is obvious to buy LEGO NINJAGO clothes. Your son, nephew, or grandson will love T-shirts, socks, jackets, and hats with his favourite superheroes on them. Here in the web shop, you will find a huge selection of cool, soft, and comfortable LEGO NINJAGO jackets for boys, and of course we also have matching accessories for winter. Welcome the summer with nice T-shirts and swimming trunks with ninja prints of Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Nya or some of the other ninja friends.
    There are also a lot of other styles and themes here in the web shop, which little boys simply love – how does LEGO Batman sound? Or just completely iconic products with LEGO bricks on them? We have a large and wide selection, so there is something for every taste and style. All clothes are designed with a focus on fun and active play, so you can be sure to buy high-quality clothes for your son.

    LEGO clothes for girls

    Do you have a girl who loves those small, colourful LEGO bricks, to build all kinds of cool and beautiful universes? Then she will certainly also be happy with a set of LEGO clothes or a soft and pretty LEGO jacket. On this page, you will find a large selection of lovely LEGO clothes for girls, and maybe you will even find the perfect clothes inspired by LEGO Friends for your daughter or granddaughter? Discover the selection of bathing suits, summer jackets, winter jackets with fur, or maybe a cool jacket with a nice print that your daughter definitely will fall in love with. The clothes have a great fit, so there is plenty of room for active play when the girls are playing with friends.

    LEGO snowsuits for children

    Many of you are familiar with the LEGO snowsuits and the outerwear in general. Through almost 30 years, they have been designed by Danish KABOOKI, and on this page you are going to find the absolute largest selection of LEGO snowsuits, ski clothes, and functional outerwear for summer as well as winter. Often, we hear from our customers that once you have tried a LEGO snowsuit, then that is what you will get the following year as well. And that the snowsuit is in such a great condition that a little brother or sister can use it afterwards. When you choose a LEGO® snowsuit for your child, you are guaranteed an extraordinary durability and a sublime fit which ensures both freedom to move and great comfort.

    Do you need help to pick out LEGO clothes?

    The KABOOKI customer service is ready to help if you any questions regarding products, delivery times, and the like. Send us an email on and we will try to get back to you within 1-2 workdays. Or call us on +45 96 27 55 22 on all workdays from 8:30 to 15. Our skilled customer service people will be ready to help you with your questions.

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