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EXCLUSIVE outerwear

If you and your child both appreciate particularly exclusive and great outerwear, you need to take a closer look at our EXCLUSIVE collection. Here, we have selected materials of the highest quality to produce our various EXCLUSIVE winter jackets and snowsuits. The design is exclusive and classic with lovely details such as the imitated fur trimming on the hood and the matt black snap buttons on the jackets. The colours are toned down and reflect the Nordic look and lifestyle. EXCLUSIVE is our most durable and waterproof outerwear line, and thus it is perfect for any kind of exploration and adventure at even the coldest wintry weather. At the same time, all styles are 100% breathable which is of uttermost importance in outerwear for active children, so that they can get rid of any excess body heat and not get sweaty inside the outerwear.

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Children love adventures outdoors, both the great adventures and the magical everyday adventures. That is why children’s outerwear has to be durable, and as a parent it is reassuring to know that the new snowsuit doesn’t tear when your son is climbing the highest tree in the woods, or your daughter is sliding downhill a somewhat rough sledge run directly on her snowsuit. EXCLUSIVE is a popular choice because of the high quality in evert detail, but also because of the contemporary design. All styles are designed in toned down colours. Then the children can make their own decision as to whether they want brightly coloured accessories, or if hat and mittens should be in the same tone as their outerwear. By the way, the fur trimming on the hood is removable and can be unbuttoned e.g. before washing the outerwear. The hood is detachable too, and it is mounted on our unique push button band.

If a branch should get into your son’s hood during the aforementioned climb, the hood detaches from the outerwear, thus preventing accidents where the child is stuck. The same applies to LEGO® mittens and gloves for our snowsuits or jackets. The gloves are attached to a safety breakaway buckle, which has two purposes: When the child isn’t wearing his gloves or mittens, they just hang freely attached to the outerwear sleeve, and in that way, they are not lost on the playground or inside the day-care facility. And, if the gloves should get stuck, the buckle breaks, and the glove is released from the sleeve – meaning that your child can pull himself away from whatever he was stuck on. Thus, both safety and quality standards are premium with the EXCLUSIVE collection, and you are getting contemporary and functional outerwear for your child, when you choose products from the EXCLUSIVE line.

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