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Accessories for children

This is where you can find accessories for boys and girls. There is a number of different products on this page matching the current season. Browse through the collection with your son or daughter, and find that or those LEGO® inspired accessories that you need and want. All accessories are of course from LEGO Wear and are of the well-known high quality.

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When you are searching for accessories, look no further, because we have gathered it all on this page. This is where you find the best accessories for boys and girls. Kids tend to give their things a rough treatment and it is important that you find some durable products that can stand the ordeal – whether you are looking for ski gloves, hats, knitted hats, caps, neck warmers, or one of the other styles in the accessories category.

LEGO Wear wants accessories to be durable as well to ensure that the new accessory with the favorite LEGO NINJAGO or best friend from the LEGO Friends universe does not tear or fade after the first wash.

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