KABOOKI clothes

KABOOKI is must-haves for children, tweens, and teens in the age of 5-16 years. The style is simple and minimalistic, and the clothes are made to last for more than a single season.


At Danish KABOOKI A/S, we have more than 30 years of experience in designing durable children’s wear in high quality. KABOOKI is the latest addition to our company which designs children’s clothes under license from the LEGO Group. The first KABOOKI collection launched in September 2021.

In-house, we know families. Our many years of experience with high-quality children’s wear combined with the concept of a subtle, aesthetic design is the foundation of our must-have collections. We are creating basic items with a longer lifetime. The quite opposite of fast fashion, actually. And to find the recipe for the perfect items in our collections, we often involve the end-consumers. By talking to children and families, we ensure that our styles are not only wanted, but needed.



Easy to combine with other brands

KABOOKI clothes are easily combined with other brands and labels. We want the clothes to fit in with what is already in the wardrobe, instead of making cutting-edge designs that stand out.


Never compromise on comfort

Children’s clothes should be comfortable. Whether the children are on their way to school, going home from sports, or are hanging out with their friends – comfortable clothes with freedom to move are simply a must.


Made to last

We accept nothing less than great quality. That goes for the design, for the materials, and for the production. The KABOOKI clothes are made for everyday use, and this is only possible when we focus on quality in every step of the way.


Minimalism is always in fashion

The KABOOKI design philosophy centres around subtleness. The clothes are simple and universal. We aim for slow fashion to keep the clothes in circulation, and this is done by creating minimalistic designs with subtle aesthetic features.