The clothes in the KABOOKI webshop are meant to last. To make them last for as long as possible, we have created this care guide with good advice on how to wash and dry your KABOOKI and LEGO® kidswear.

We tend to throw items in the laundry basket when we have worn them for one day. But clothes only need to be washed when they are dirty or smelly. Sometimes rubbing a stain off with a damp cloth or just hanging the clothes in fresh air will do the trick.

However, children get more dirt on their hands and clothes than adults, so washing their favourite sweaters and T-shirts is often a part of the weekly routines. So, when the clothes do need washing, below is the advice we have for you. You can find care label inside the garment as well a washing instruction for the individual products in the webshop.


Turn the clothes inside out before you throw them into the washing machine. For the best results and colour longevity, sort your laundry by colour before washing them. And take a look at the care label inside to check that you are washing the clothes at the correct temperature.


It is tempting to spray some stain remover on the stains, but please use it with care. Most of the products contain optical brightening agents, which bleaches the fabric a bit to remove the stain. To have the clothes last for as long as possible, we encourage you to avoid stain removers with optical brighteners – for the sake of your clothes and the environment.


We recommend that you hang your clothes to dry as opposed to drying them in the tumble dryer. Tumble drying is hard on the clothes and reduces its lifespan. Furthermore, it is better for the environment to avoid the tumble dryer.


When your outerwear needs washing, you should wash it with the outside out. Use a liquid detergent for the best result. Always check the pockets, zip all zippers, and close all hook and loop closures.

With regards to drying, the outerwear styles can actually benefit from being dried in the tumble dryer every now and then – it boosts the Bionic Finish ECO impregnation and helps the water column stay the same. Dry the outerwear at a low temperature with the inside out.


When you wash your rainwear, it is to be washed with the outside out, so that all the dirt comes off. Always check the pockets, zip all zippers, and close all hook and loop closures. Rainwear is best dried hanging – always with the inside out – otherwise the water will not evaporate.
DO NOT tumble dry your rain wear.