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CE marking of UV swimwear

CE marking of UV swimwear

Swimwear with UV protection must meet some very specific demands. By EU legislation, UV solar protective swimwear must be CE marked, and this means the following: Firstly, swim shorts and...
LEGO® spring/summer 2024 highlights

LEGO® spring/summer 2024 highlights

Let us take you through the highlights of the LEGO® spring/summer 2024 collection! The collection is designed around the theme LET’S PLAY. The clothes are meant for playing indoors as...

LEGO® kidswear

LEGO® children's clothes by KABOOKI are everyday clothes and outerwear for active children who love playing inside and outside – regardless of the weather. We focus on a fun design,...


KABOOKI mini is a new part of the KABOOKI brand universe where parents of children aged 1-8 get the chance to buy quality outerwear at affordable prices.  Circular children's clothes...

KABOOKI clothes

KABOOKI is must-haves for children, tweens, and teens in the age of 5-16 years. The style is simple and minimalistic, and the clothes are made to last for more than...