We make clothes for everyday wear and tear. We know that children have opinions on what they want to wear and what they don’t want to wear – both when it comes to design and comfort. By using only comfortable materials and working with engineered fittings and cuts, we make sure that everything is constructed so that kids can play and feel 100% free.


A set of safety principles is a natural part of the design, construction and buying process in order to make sure that our clothes are safe for the children to wear. You can be sure that our products comply with global regulatory requirements and children safety regulations.


Our suppliers are primarily based in China, and we have built long-term relationships with them, making sure they completely understand our products. Our suppliers are carefully selected and must meet our strict social and quality requirements. We have established one office in China and on in India near our suppliers. In addition to that, we have our own laboratory where we test our products and fabrics.

The environment

KABOOKI has partnered up with The 0-Mission, subscribing to an unsubsidized solar park near Vejle, Denmark. Of course, we cannot decide how the power in our sockets was generated. But we are making sure that that we add as much solar power to the grid as we consume. In this way, we can help accelerate green transition.

We are proud to be part of the mission, but also aware that solar parks take up land. It is important to us that the park was constructed with respect for the neighbors and local communities, and that it has been designed to enhance biodiversity. Organically grown grasses are found under and between the solar panels, and more areas in the park are left untouched to provide a home to vipers, bees, butterflies, and plants.

You can read more about the 0-Mission here (in Danish)

Furthermore, all our outerwear products are treated with an environmentally friendly, fluorine-free impregnation. Impregnation is a necessary treatment for outerwear pieces when you want them to shed water and dirt. For all our outerwear styles, we have chosen the fluorine-free impregnation Bionic Finish ECO. The bluesign® and ZdHC chemical gateway certified impregnation is very durable with low application amounts, so that it does not affect the fabric feel and appearance.

Social responsibility

We take social responsibility very seriously, and in collaboration with our local municipality, we invest in getting physically or mentally challenged citizens back on the labour market through customised individual work plans. We make sure that they get a good and secure introduction to the job and build up the process step by step. We also employ trainees who have a desire to change track in life and get re-trained for a new job. Finally, we support the project ‘Learn Danish’ that seeks to integrate refugees into Danish Society.

We support various organisations and charity projects which go hand in hand with our core values. Since KIDS are our focus, the following projects were perfect for us to support:

  • The Mary Foundation
  • Specsavers and KABOOKI – donating glasses and clothes to children in need in Tanzania
  • Børneulykkesfonden and KABOOKI – donating clothes to schools in Tanzania
  • Børnecancerfonden – an Officefit and TEAM Rynkeby project
  • Smilfonden – supporting chronically ill children across diagnoses