Our story

Since we were founded in 1993, KABOOKI A/S has enabled kids to be kids through our premium play wear. We design and manufacture children’s wear under license from the toy giant the LEGO Group.

In 2021, our corporate journey took a turn when we launched our own brand, KABOOKI®.  We are a passionate team of around 50 dedicated people based in Denmark, Germany, China, and India. KABOOKI wants to contribute to a memorable childhood. We do so by creating premium and functional children’s wear.


Functional active play wear

Since 1993, we have been designing, sourcing, and selling the premium children’s wear brand LEGO® Wear under licence from the LEGO Group. In 2022 we changed the name to LEGO kidswear, but the quality remains the same. LEGO kidswear is a high-quality top-to-toe play wear range for fun-loving and active children aged 0-14 years. We believe that kids are meant to play which is the reason why we put so much passion and creativity into the construction and design of the clothes to enable kids to play 100% freely.

Therefore, two essentials for the LEGO kidswear are fun and function. Fun, because the LEGO universe is all about play, creativity and having fun. And function, because high quality and thought-through technical details make a difference for the children wearing our clothes. We are trusted by mothers for our quality and CSR initiatives, and we are loved by kids because we not only inspire them to be kids – we encourage it!


Designed to fit in

In 2021, our journey took a new turn when we decided that time was ready our very own brand. With the KABOOKI clothing brand, we wanted to create basic clothes that fit in with the other collections in our house. The KABOOKI children’s clothes centres around the values combinability, comfort, quality, and subtleness.

KABOOKI is quality basics in a universal design with a desire to care for the environment. With this brand, we seek to fit in with the rest of the wardrobe and to be kept in circulation thanks to the great quality and minimalistic design. The clothes are made for girls and boys aged 5-16.


KABOOKI A/S is so much more than a clothing manufacturer: We make childhood memorable. That is our vision. We do so by choosing high-quality materials, implementing fun and recognizable elements in the design, and, most importantly, designing functional clothes for active children. Therefore, we feel confident that the children love wearing clothes created by KABOOKI and that – growing up – they will remember playing freely in those favourite items in their childhood.

At KABOOKI, we are creating quality both in products and in processes. The latter means that we are reliable and committed; fair and showing respect; and we care about sustainability and long-term relationships with our suppliers. Among other things.


We make childhood memorable!


Through premium top to toe play wear, we encourage kids to explore the world.

The KABOOKI spirit
  • We believe kids should be kids
  • We are reliable and committed
  • We are passionate and go the extra mile
  • We are fair and show respect
  • We do what we say and say what we do
  • We create quality both in products and processes
  • We work with one of the world’s strongest brands
  • We are a part of an international and dynamic workplace with global approach
  • We have an informal and fun corporate spirit


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