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Caps for children

When the sun is shining, whether it is summer, spring, or early autumn, the cap is a must in every child’s wardrobe. On this page, you will find a wide and deep selection of caps. We have everything from unicoloured and toned-down caps to colourful caps with large prints on the front. All caps have in common that they are made of a great quality – so you can feel good about picking out one or more for your son or daughter. In the KABOOKI web shop, we sell caps for children aged 4-16.


The LEGO® NINJAGO® caps are some of our best-selling accessories in the web shop. The fun series with the quirky, brave ninjas are a hit with especially the boys, and of course they should have a NINJAGO cap to wear all summer. The caps are adjustable in the neck to fit your little ninja perfectly.

LEGO® caps for boys and girls

Above you will see the absolute coolest, sweetest, and funniest caps for your son or daughter, and we have a huge selection: There are caps with fresh colours, with large prints, with a more simple look, with the favourite LEGO character, and much more.
Kids love running around with a cool LEGO inspired cap, and as a parent you can feel secure when buying one of the caps on this site. The reason why is that these caps are made of premium materials, which does not only ensure that they will last for a long time but also that they provide the necessary shade from the sun. Those things are vital on a sunny day. And everyday life gets a little more fun when your kid is playing outside in the beautiful weather wearing a cute cap.

Monochrome KABOOKI caps

The KABOOKI caps for children are made in a high quality so that they can stand being put on or taken of time and again. So, they are extra durable, so that they can last more than a single season. The caps are unisex and are designed for boys as well as girls. The smart and simple KABOOKI caps are characterized by their minimalistic design. The colours are carefully selected to match most other items. Furthermore, they are monochrome and go well with the multi-coloured styles that your child most likely loves too. The cap can be worn as an accessory all year round but is particularly functional when the sun is shining. The KABOOKI children’s caps are made of 100% cotton and have embroidered eyelets for a better breathability on warm summer days. When you choose KABOOKI children’s clothes, you intentionally go for a simpler and more minimalistic design which can be worn for several years. The quality of the clothes is high, which also means that the clothes will stand the wear and tear of your everyday life.

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