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Hats and balaclavas for children

Hats are one of the wardrobe basics in the autumn, winter, and early spring. In the KABOOKI web shop, we offer a huge selection of all types of hats for children in the age of 1-16 years. You will find anything from simple knitted beanies to balaclavas made of merino wool and printed LEGO® hats. Explore the large selection and find those hats that matches the needs and personality of your toddler, schoolkid, pre-teen or teenager.

LEGO® winter hats for boys and girls

Above you will see Scandinavia’s greatest selection of warm LEGO hats and balaclavas for children. This also means that you have come to the right place, regardless if you are shopping for a cotton hat, a knit hat with tassel, a fleece hat, a knit balaclava, one with stripes, one with a cute print, one with a cool motive, or just a simple high-quality balaclava.
The list is long, but common for all items is that they are manufactured in the best materials. This secures not only a long lifespan but also that your child’s ears and head are kept warm, even when it is freezing cold. Several hats and balaclavas come with wind stopper membranes inside over the ears and other functional details, so get browsing and find yourselves a new favorite hat for fun in the snow.

Thin beanies for boys and girls

For the spring and autumn, it is essential with a selection of thin beanies to protect your child’s ears on chilly and windy days. In the KABOOKI web shop, you will find a nice selection of thin beanies which are ideal for the transition periods. For instance, we offer LEGO® NINJAGO® inspired thin hats which your son or daughter very likely will love.

LEGO® NINJAGO® hats for children

The LEGO® NINJAGO® theme is as popular as ever, and of course the young fans of the show should be able to get a cool LEGO NINJAGO hat. We have an awesome selection of rad hats for boys and girls, and your will find monochrome hats with a badge on the front as well as bright LEGO NINJAGO hats with all-over print.

Unicoloured KABOOKI beanies for children

The KABOOKI hats for children and teenagers are made in a high quality so that they can stand being used every single day. And they are durable, so that they can last more than a single season. The warm knitted hats are unisex and are designed for boys as well as girls. The smart and simple KABOOKI winter hats are characterized by their minimalistic design. The colours are carefully selected to match most other items. Furthermore, the knitted hats are monochrome and go well with the multi-coloured styles that your child most likely loves too. The hat can be worn as an accessory inside as well as outside but is particularly functional when on cold days and nights. The KABOOKI hats come in many colours, so all you have to do is pick your favourite one. When you choose KABOOKI children’s clothes, you intentionally go for a simpler and more minimalistic design which can be worn for several years. The quality of the clothes is high, which also means that the clothes will stand the wear and tear of your everyday life.

Do you need help?

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