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Jackets for children

On this page, you will find a large and wide selection of jackets for toddlers, kids in the nursery age, school children, tweens, pre-teenagers, teenagers – in short, jackets from size 1 through 16 years. Children have different taste and need, and that is why we have a grand selection which covers the youngers children’s need for functional outerwear and the older children’s demand for more simple and cool designs.

Jackets for spring, summer, autumn, and winter

In the KABOOKI web shop, you will find children’s jackets for any season. Warm winter jackets, windproof spring jackets, light summer jackets, and soft autumn jackets. The jackets for boys and girls all have in common, that they are made in an excellent quality. The LEGO® jackets appeal to the younger kids in particular, but also to the older kids who need lots of function – for instance when they are skiing. The KABOOKI® jackets are minimalistic classics who appeal to most children. Read more about them in the next paragraph.

Subtle, timeless jackets for children

KABOOKI offers a variety of seasonal children’s jackets, and all of them are made in great materials. The KABOOKI outerwear is designed for girls and boys from 5 to 16 years. There are short puffer jackets, long puffer jackets, coats, lightweight jackets, and transition jackets to choose from. A KABOOKI jacket is the perfect choice for your child when you are searching for an easy-going jacket that is cool but at the same time doesn’t stand out. All jackets are treated with the environmentally friendly coating Bionic Finish ECO which contains no fluorine substances. The jacket designs are subtle and universal, and the colours are trendy, yet safe. This is not fast fashion; this is sustainable fashion, because KABOOKI wants the jackets to last for as long as possible. In line with that, quality materials have been carefully selected to ensure a long lifespan. So, when you choose KABOOKI clothes, you make a better choice for the environment.

LEGO® jackets for boys and girls

There is one purpose of the LEGO® children’s jackets: to be worn by the active and playing child. This means that the LEGO jackets are a great fit for children who love exploring the playground or the playing field. Therefore, the jackets are made of durable materials to ensure that they can withstand the rough treatment of active children playing. The many different LEGO jackets are of course inspired by the great and constantly growing universe of LEGO characters. You can be sure that no matter which part of the LEGO universe your child is a fan of, one or more jackets will be the perfect fit.

Do you need help?

The KABOOKI customer service is ready to help if you any questions regarding products, delivery times, and the like. Send us an email on support@kabooki.com and we will try to get back to you within 1-2 workdays. Or call us on +45 96 27 55 22 on all workdays from 8:30 to 15. Our skilled customer service people will be ready to help you with your questions.