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PLAY outerwear

The PLAY outerwear line of LEGO® kidswear is designed for playful, curious, and active children who know nothing better than to play outside in the snow all day long. The extensive PLAY range comprises gloves, mittens, jackets, snowsuits, and ski pants both with and without a bib. We are definitely speaking of a large selection for both little children and the older ones. The colours and patterns are happy and playful and reflect the core of the PLAY line, namely play from the children’s perspective. The outerwear is made to withstand play situations of any kind, and therefore it is 100% windproof, waterproof, and breathable. Breathability is a key function when children are at play outside, so that they don’t become sweaty and then cold, when they are having a break from their play. That could very well lead to a cold. Furthermore, the clothes are robust with a durability of 80.000 rubs – which basically means that it will withstand many rides down the sledging run, with or without the sledge.

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The outerwear also meets high safety standards: It is equipped with 3M Scotchlite reflectors; has no strings in the hood and neck area; has a detachable hood mounted on a push button band; and is equipped with safety breakaway buckles for glove attachment. All features that bring parents peace of mind and ensures them that their children are dressed in both safe, durable, and functional outerwear. By the way, the PLAY range also offers a test-winning snowsuit which is being recommended due to durability, fit, and much more.

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