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Shorts and skirts for children

In the summertime when the sun is shining, a great pair of shorts is a must. On this page, you will find wonderful shorts and skirts for the warm summer months. Our selection has a great range of different styles and colors, so that you most certainly will find something to your and your child’s liking. Super awesome shorts for the cool boy and pretty skirts for the beautiful girl. Both shorts and skirts are summer items, and comfortable clothes are a must for your child in the summer. When it is hot outside, wearing light and floating clothes is the best, and this is where you can find just that.

Cool LEGO® shorts for the boys

Do you know a boy who is a fan of the LEGO® universe and the fun Minifigures – or maybe the awesome LEGO® NINJAGO® ninjas? Then tick off the LEGO brand in the filtering at the top of the page straight away to get an overview over the large selection of cool shorts for boys. The shorts are made in soft materials, and they are all decorated with some sort of detail from the LEGO universe.

Pretty skirts for the girls

A lot of girls have a thing for dresses and skirts in the summer, because the summer outfits are nice and lose fitted in the summer heat. Above, you can tick off the skirt category in the filter to see the nice selection of pretty skirts for girls in the KABOOKI web shop, We have skirts for girls in the age of 4-14 years, and when you filter on size or age, you can easily find the items available for your daughter.

Uni-coloured KABOOKI shorts for children

KABOOKI creates comfortable and simple shorts which fits all the patterned T-shirts that your son or daughter probably has. The KABOOKI children’s shorts bind everything together and go with basically any item in their wardrobe. They are made in a very soft and comfortable material, and they are simply a must-have for boys and girls in the age of 5-16 years. The KABOOKI shorts are made in a high quality, and their design is subtle. Thus, they fit in with the rest of the wardrobe where the T-shirts tend to be more colourful and have patterns on them. The brand designs universal shorts, glancing at the current tendencies, which is our way to ensure that you get value for money. KABOOKI offers amazing shorts for boys and girls in size 5 through 16 years, and the soft choice in materials makes sure that your child has freedom to move. Your son or daughter is going to love their new KABOOKI shorts. Plus, they can be handed down to a baby sister or brother or to someone else who also prefer a minimalistic design and a great quality. In this way, we can all take care of the environment, by not buying more than the items we need.

Do you need help?

The KABOOKI customer service is ready to help if you any questions regarding products, delivery times, and the like. Send us an email on and we will try to get back to you within 1-2 workdays. Or call us on +45 96 27 55 22 on all workdays from 8:30 to 15. Our skilled customer service people will be ready to help you with your questions.