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Softshell & fleece KABOOKI

Softshell and fleece jackets for children

On some days it is not warm enough for your son or daughter to run around outside in a T-shirt, but it is not quite cold enough for them to wear a winter jacket. A sensible intermediate choice is a fleece jacket or a softshell jacket. On this page you will find a great selection of KABOOKI and LEGO® fleece- and softshell jackets, and it is easy to use the filtering function at the top of the page to explore certain parts of the selection.

LEGO® softshell jackets for children

The LEGO® softshell jackets are relevant in the spring, summer, and autumn, as they are windproof and have a great water column. That makes them a popular choice in trans-seasonal jackets. The fit is often roomy so that you can put on a warm sweatshirt underneath on colder days. The LEGO collection always offer a wide selection of softshell jackets. A great fit and quality materials are a matter of course in the LEGO collection which appeal to children in the age of 1 to 14 years.

LEGO® fleece jackets for boys and girls

In the KABOOKI web shop, you will also find a large selection of fleece jackets and fleece pullovers for boys and girls. This type of top can be used as the mid-layer on your skiing vacation, as a jacket on a chilly summer day, or instead of a sweatshirt in the autumn. Boys and girls in the age of 1 to 14 find the lovely LEGO® jackets to be fun, because they will recognize elements from the fantastic LEGO universe in the design. Simply use the filtering function at the top of the page to find the fleece jackets available in the size of your son or daughter.

KABOOKI fleece jackets for tweens and teens

Should you be looking for fleece jackets for your son or daughter, this is the right place. The KABOOKI fleece jackets for children and teenagers are made in a soft and fluffy sherpa fleece which is great as well as a longer-lasting trend in fashion. The fleecejacket is popular among many age groups, and the minimalistic design makes the jacket a hit on raw and chilly days. The KABOOKI fleece jackets are made for boys and girls between 5 and 16 years. The soft fleece jackets from the KABOOKI collections are monochrome and have a universal design to make them fit in with the rest of the wardrobe. The children’s fleece jacket has an elasticated piping and lots of other lovely design details. KABOOKI values high quality and clothes with nice details because quality simply lasts longer. So, combining a universal design of the fleece jacket with quality materials is quite intentional. It makes the outerwear relevant for a longer time – and they will last longer too.

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